Sensitivity Reading

What is a sensitivity reader?

Sensitivity reading is the process of analyzing written work of an author with a particular identity and societal issues in mind.

The role of a sensitivity reader is to provide an extra layer of eyes to your work to ensure that it is as respectful and conscious as possible. Generally, you would request a reader with experience in the field or from the community that you have written about.

My experience sensitivity reading spans varied client types, including nonprofit communications departments, novelists, nonfiction authors, and major media corporations.

My reads can include general cultural awareness, sensitivity, and inclusive language, as well as more specific topics under the umbrellas of: Black communities (with special focus on mental health) LGBTQ+ inclusion, women/AFAB experience, and chronic pain.

The process when working with me includes a preliminary discussion with the author or team lead, a thorough examination of the work, and detailed feedback on findings that include suggestions. For those interested in learning more or having conversations about conscious language in general, I am available for trainings and facilitations (both in-person and virtual.)

If you have questions about this portion of my work or are interested in services, feel free to reach out!