My work as an editor spans online and print publications, focusing primarily on identity and health. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to edit and curate creative publications such as Quail Bell Magazine’s recently released Lunar Phoenix: An Anthology of Black Voices — featuring fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry — and Black Femme Collective’s Wild collection.

Much of my work revolves around representation, identity, and how mental and physical health intersect with experiences of bias and discrimination. You can find pieces like these within my work at Healthline Media (including Psych Central) and Verywell, with several listed below.

Printed pieces of mine can be found publications like Asparagus Magazine, Burnt Roti, Radical, and Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Other publications include well + good, autostraddle, them., Black Youth Project, Center for Victims of Torture, Mic, HuffPost, mindbodygreen, among others.

Here are a few newly published pieces:

Trailblazing CEO Has Crucial Career Advice for Black Women — HuffPost, Black Voices

An additional selection featuring some favorite online pieces and their categories are below:

Equity and Identity

More, Please — Black Femme Collective

RBG and the Double and Triple Consciousness of Black, Queer Women — Prism

When Body Size Blocks a Diagnosis — Psych Central

How Can We Say Yes If We Can’t Say No? — Pulp Mag

I’m a Black, Queer Woman and This is How the Election Will Impact Me — Well + Good

Starting a Family Costs More for Queer People Like Me — Rewire.News

How a Lack of Black Hollywood Executives Affects the Black Community — Psych Central

Mental Health, Wellness, and Representation

Fighting for Black Lives through Chronic Pain — Asparagus Magazine

At The Intersection: Navigating Chronic Illness and Black Womanhood

What is Food Justice? — Healthline

Redefining Healthy Online and At The Clinic: 6 Dietitians Who ‘Get It’ — Healthline

Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst’s Suicide Is Latest in a Growing Trend — Psych Central

The Media’s Portrayal of Bipolar Disorder and Why It Needs to Change — Psych Central

News and Media

Selena Gomez’s Rare Impact Fund Host First Live Mental Health Youth Action Forum at White House — Psych Central

Study Reveals Racial and Demographic Disparities in Clinical Trials — Verywell Mind

Housing Insecurity Leads to Difficulty Sleeping — Verywell Mind

Overcoming the Stigma That Unfairly Links Violence and Mental Illness — Verywell Mind

When Masculinity Meets Trauma: How Art Mirrors Life in Da 5 Bloods — Watercooler HQ

Activism and Policy

For Black Iris Project, Dance is a Form of Resistance — Mic

How California is winning the fight against hair discrimination — Next City

Every Protest, Removed Statue and Police Reform Policy Change Since Late May — Next City

Los Angeles Shines a (Street) Light on Equity — Fuse