Literary Work

Presently, I’m the founder and lead editor for UnSung Literary Magazine and the guest editor for an upcoming Quail Bell Magazine anthology. Below are some of my published bylines.

Creative Non-Fiction, News, and Personal Essays

Mental Health News from VeryWell

I’m a Black, Queer Woman and This is How the Election Will Impact Me – Well + Good

Los Angeles Shines a (Street) Light on Equity – Fuse Corps/ Next City

RBG and the Double and Triple Consciousness of Black, Queer Women – Prism

Starting a Family Costs More for Queer People Like Me – Rewire.News

How to Unplug, Set Boundaries, and Practice Self-Care During Tumultuous Times – them.

“No Justice, No Peace” Sparks Change Across the US – Next City

How Can We Say Yes If We Can’t Say No? – Pulp Mag

How Nonprofits Gaslight You Into The Same Self-Sacrificing Work As Capitalist Corporations – Black Youth Project

Blog & SEO Writing

Expert Tips On Houseplant Repotting + A Step-By-Step Guide – mindbodygreen

Richmond’s Black Community Address Food Desserts – Natural Awakenings

It’s OK If You Don’t Want To Get Married – mindbodygreen

Self- Care When You’re 25 and Busy – Denim and Danishes

Thoughts and Prayers Don’t Heal Bullet Wounds – Progress Virginia

Media Critiques

TheatreLab’s An Octoroon – GayRVA

Faith, Film, and Music: Strange Negotiations Comes To Richmond – GayRVA