I’m Taneasha — a writer, editor, and comms consultant.

Writing has been my bread and butter for almost a decade. I’m passionate about social justice and creating space for my community, and helping others live their values through their communications.

What have some of my clients had to say?

“Taneasha is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. She is a skilled communicator and an indispensable guide in a fast-changing world.”

“Taneasha worked with us as the sensitivity reader for a corporate report with global visibility. Her insightful feedback and keen attention to detail helped us avoid potential pitfalls, and her ability┬áto look at tricky choices in the context of a corporate voice made her a valuable partner in improving the language and content of our report. Working with her not only┬ámade the project more successful, but also deepened my own understanding of equity and inclusion issues.”

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